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Flight Training to Earn a Pilot’s License

Enjoy the freedom of the open skies at Songbird Aviation of Colorado, L.L.C. Located in Greeley, Colorado, we offer all of the flight training you need to earn your pilot’s license. Our mission is to provide light sport flight training and to promote the recreational use of light sport aircraft.

Flying Club
Fulfil your dream of learning to fly a plane with us. We have space for up to 30 people in our flying club, where we provide flight training for both new and experienced pilots. We have a certified flight instructor with more than six thousand hours of flight instruction experience. 

Learn to fly the affordable way. We provide the aircraft, maintenance, insurance, and fuel at an hourly rate of $100.


Our Planes
We work with the Rans S-19 Venterra and a Piper Sport, both are light sport aircraft that require less hours of instruction and is less expensive to operate than most aircraft. 

Safety & Insurance
We always put safety first. We have monthly safety meetings and insurance check-outs with the instructor.

 Contact us to join our flying club and earn your pilot’s license.